Can Baking Soda Cure Cancer?

There have actually been books written about the possible medicinal properties of baking soda.

It’s a mainstay in American homes for cleaning, oral hygiene, thickening dishes, and keeping things fresh in the refrigerator.  But did you know that baking soda, the same kind in your cabinet, is used by emergency rooms and paramedics as a life-saving agent in certain situations?  That’s right.  Some people that are experiencing kidney problems are given baking soda to help level out their acid levels.  In some cases, this can be the difference between life and death while other procedures are coordinated.  It’s similar to the use of aspirin with people having heart attacks.  It will not fix the problem, but it can buy them some time.  Now, there is reason to believe that this naturally-occurring substance may be the answer to cancer treatment in the future.

The National Institute of Health has agreed to give a $2 million grant to Dr. Mark Pagel of the University of Arizona Cancer Center so he can study how baking soda works in relation to treating breast cancer.  This is a very exciting idea in the medical world.  Current cancer treatment options can often hurt patients more than they help.  The concept that something as common and harmless to the body as baking soda could have an effect on this terrible disease is reason to celebrate.  The fact that Dr. Pagel was able to secure such a large dollar amount for his research goes to show that there is already a school of thought out there that baking soda, officially known as sodium bicarbonate, may have some promise in the realm of cancer treatment research.

While trials with baking soda are just beginning, it is fascinating to think that the answer to one of the greatest scourges on mankind at present could be something as simple and as common as baking soda.  It kind of makes you wonder how many other diseases are being over-thought when the answers might be right here at our disposal from the Earth itself.  Kudos to the people at the University of Arizona Cancer Center for thinking outside of the box and the pocketbook.  What do we mean by that?

Well, with every major disease, there comes the financial aspect.  Unfortunately, cancer treatment, which is sometimes hit-or-miss in its effectiveness, is a vibrant part of the medical industry’s economy.  To find that the solution was a $0.59 box of Arm & Hammer baking soda would put it in jeopardy.  Imagine all the facilities, all the equipment, the pharmaceutical drugs, and yes, the jobs, that this malady creates in America and the world over.  This is not saying that the average medical practitioner doesn’t desire a cure for the disease as much as we all do, but only that there are repercussions…and you can rest assured those at the top of the food chain are well aware of them as this research goes further.  It kind of goes back to the common cold… with all the prowess of our doctors and drugs in our generation, they cannot cure the common cold.  And, yes, there is tons of research provided to explain why curing it is impossible.  However, one still has to wonder that if someone did come up with a cure for it, would that cure ever come to light?  Cold medicine is a billion upon billions of dollars industry, and a permanent solution would be a huge hit on the pharmaceutical industry.  This is not Common Sense Conspiracy theorizing that there is a cure for the common cold in a secret lab somewhere, but only a musing about what would happen if there were.  It is food for thought, isn’t it?