BULLSHIT ALERT: Internet Hoax Has Many Believing That Suge Knight Was Arrested for the Murder of Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur was murdered sixteen years ago, and to this very day, no one has ever been charged in his murder. This includes rap mogul Suge Knight. The Internet has been abuzz with a completely false story that Knight had been arrested for the murder recently. There is even a well-produced video making the rounds that looks like an authentic news report, but is actually pieced together to make people believe the rumor is true. Of course, the video went viral overnight thanks to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The video is actually not new at all…it was released on YouTube as early as 2010. Sometimes these things take a long time to pick up steam. For the record, Suge Knight was arrested recently. On February 12, 2012, he was taken into custody in Las Vegas when police discovered marijuana in his vehicle. However, he is not currently incarcerated and has not been officially linked to Shakur’s death. You can check out the video below. Keep in mind that the video shows nothing but clips of previous incidents.