British Citizen Arrested in Thailand with Roasted Fetuses

Thai police took a British citizen into custody when they discovered six roasted human fetuses in his luggage.  The man is Chow Hok Kuen, a 28-year old.  He is a British citizen, but he, as you might have figured from his name, is originally from Taiwan.  The frightening contents of his luggage were rolled in gold leaf.  Supposedly, the human fetuses were roasted as part of a black magic ritual.  Authorities have not been able to determine where the fetuses came from, but it seems apparent that Kuen intended to get them back into Taiwan.

The police didn’t just happen upon the roasted fetuses.  They were given a tip by someone who claimed that dead infant fetuses were being sold online on a website that specialized in black magic supplies and rituals.

We would like to jump into a spirited analysis of this, but I’m afraid that this is one of those times when we at Common Sense Conspiracy have to sit back and file this away under our “What’s Wrong With This World?” category.  There are photographs of the fetuses available, but we saw no reason to post the grizzly images here.  If you wish to see what it looked like, a simple Google search will no doubt turn them up.