Big Trouble for John Travolta — Sexual Battery on Male Masseurs?

This is not the first time Travolta's sexuality has been in the crosshairs.

John Travolta can’t get a break here lately.  Long the target of rumors about his sexuality, Travolta now faces more intense scrutiny since two male massage therapists have filed legal actions against him accusing him of sexual battery.  The first strike came on Friday when a male masseur filed a whopping $2 million lawsuit against the famous actor alleging that Travolta attempted to get the plaintiff to have sex with him during a massage session.  To make things even worse, a second masseur has come forth with another claim.

The new claim is quite graphic in detail.  It says that the masseur was giving Travolta a massage when it was requested that he pay special attention to his “glutes.”  The masseur did as asked, but Travolta allegedly kept spreading his legs, making it clear that he had an erection.  Finally, the lawsuit claims that Travolta tried to force the masseur to touch his penis and then began masturbating.  The masseur claims that he left the room and complained to his superiors.  The identities of the masseurs are not being released to the public.

The first claim was similar in nature, except in this case, it is alleged that Travolta actually groped the masseur in the genital area.  Travolta’s attorneys have vigorously denied both claims, calling them completely fabricated fiction.

Common Sense Conspiracy wants to make a couple of things clear about cases like these.  First of all, in the United States of America, anyone can sue any other person for anything at all at any time.  If they file it with the court and pay the necessary filing fees, a lawsuit becomes public record.  It doesn’t mean that it is true, that it will be proven, or that there is any factual basis to the claims.  This is one of those things about a free democracy that can be a positive and a negative in different situations.  After all, it’s good that any citizen can sue anyone if they have been wronged without having to convince anyone that their claims have legitimacy.  Obviously, the negative side of that argument is that people can attempt to extort money from people by filing frivolous claims.  In this case, the biggest thing we see as a blow against the credibility is that this is being pursued as a civil matter.  If the allegations were true, certainly the masseur would have every right to go to the police and file a criminal complaint.  Then, Travolta would be arrested and have to stand trial for the allegations, assuming the district attorney saw fit to prosecute the case based on the evidence.  In this case, no such complaint was filed.  The masseurs are attempting to sue civilly for the supposed batteries, which is more about getting money for their situation and not about pursuing justice.  And there is nothing stopping them from suing Travolta in civil court for damages after they attempt to have him prosecuted for the criminal aspect.  So, basically, they have no excuse for why they did not report these alleged lewd acts to police.  They are obviously hoping for a lofty settlement or a sympathetic jury that would levy heavy penalties against the Hollywood superstar.

Having said that, it is certainly an allegation that is strange and the fact that a second seemingly unrelated masseur has come forth with similar claims does cause everyone to give it pause.  Could the two masseurs be working together to turn up the heat on Travolta?  Or is he really the monster they say that he is?  Travolta is married to actress Kelly Preston and they have children.  Is it a sham marriage?  Is he bi-sexual?  The questions go on and on.

Time will tell as more details surface.  We will continue to monitor the situation and report on where it goes from here.  There is no word on whether this will affect Travolta’s film career, or whether he will consider playing terrorist mastermind Abbas Saleem in the upcoming Crisis Point film.  Stay tuned.
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