Arby’s Serves a Teenager a Finger Sandwich…Not Chicken

No extra charge for the dismemberment.

Fast food restaurant Arby’s is apologizing big-time after an incident in Michigan where a 14-year-old boy ended up getting a slice of a food preparer’s finger in his roast beef sandwich.  Ryan Hart detected something tough in his sandwich and when he spit it out, he found it was a slice of a human finger.  It turns out that around the same time, an Arby’s employee injured her finger on a meat slicer.  The county health department and police have determined that when the hurt employee left to get attention, other employees didn’t realize what was going on and continued to prepare food with the slicer and meat anyway.  The result was a finger sandwich of the human kind.

Arby’s says that the restaurant was cleaned completely and the incident was an “isolated and unfortunate accident.”  As for Ryan, his mom is contacting a lawyer.  Cause it wouldn’t be America without a lawsuit, right?