Alaskan Lake Monster Legend May Be a Dud — Sleeper Shark?

Lake Iliamna in Alaska looks nice and serene...until the sea monster jumps out.

People in Alaska have been excited, and maybe a little afraid, after several reports of a large creature being spotted in Lake Iliamna.  It was drawing comparisons to the infamous Loch Ness monster in Scotland.  However, a biologist has gone on record saying that he believes a much more likely explanation for the Alaskan “sea monster” is not uncommon at all.  He believes that people have spotted a Pacific sleeper shark.  These guys can grow up to fourteen feet long and are plentiful in the oceans around Alaska and even further north.

The explanation does not capture the spirit of the legend of the Lake Iliamna mystery.  The rumors have been going on for decades and the supposed sea monster is even nicknamed Illie by the locals.  Back in 1979, a $100,000 cash reward was offered by the local newspaper if anyone could prove the existence of the sea monster.  The reward went unclaimed.