Absinthe 2.0 — Jailbreaking Apple Products Never Easier

Absinthe 2.0 (where do they come up with these names) is the latest application to help owners of Apple products “jailbreak” them.  This include iPhones and iPads.  Apple famously restricts what users can do on their devices.  There are multiple reasons for this.  The first is that by restricting customization and requiring users to only get products from the Apple App Store that have been tested and found to be legit makes the products a lot more safe and secure.  The other reason, of course, is that it keeps all the business flowing through Apple and lining their pockets.  For years, people have used hacks to open the iPhone and allow them to use its full capability, including the ability to download applications from developers outside of the App Store.  The applications often do the same things as official Apple apps but are much cheaper.  In fact, many apps for jailbroken Apple devices are free, and they are often “open-source” which means that programmers can modify them to suit their own purposes and then turn around and share it with the masses.

Free tethering is just one reason some people jailbreak their iPhones.

Absinthe 2.0 is apparently the easiest crack for the Apple operating system yet.  They even tout it as being so easy that “your grandmother could do it.”  Apple is trying to insinuate that jailbreaking your Apple device may create serious security issues.  This could be true, for all we know, but it’s unlikely that it will stop people from giving it a try.  What you really need to be afraid of when you jailbreak your iPhone is that you are doing something that does void your warranty, and none of the Apple devices are famous for being cheap.  However, the devices can always be returned to their original manufacturer state, so if something did happen, as long as you could return it to its original format, Apple would not be able to identify that the device had been hacked.

Another popular usage for jailbroken Apple devices is tethering.  Tethering is when an iPhone is used as an Internet connection for other devices.  For example, you could use the iPhone as a tether for a laptop to access the Internet.  Tethering is legal, but cell phone services like Verizon Wireless and AT&T routinely charge fees for the tethering feature.  However, jailbreaking an iPhone can make tethering free and easy.  This is just another way that people are getting around outrageous provider fees and taking a little money out of the cell phone and Apple pockets.

So, are you going to jailbreak your iPhone?  Or are you going to walk the straight and narrow?  Let us know what you think?
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