5 thoughts on “50 Shades Of Grey Being Banned From Libraries”

  1. Yes, libraries should always ban books that are written using pliagerized material.

    1. LOL…yes there is definitely some controversy that Fifty sprang up from Twilight.

  2. these books are filth and should be banned. those inclined that way may seek them out anyway, but at least if the books are banned, their distribution will be limited and unwitting people not interested in filth wont be exposed to them.

  3. This will probably never be the case in my country anyway. One big highway shop here is doing even more commerce on these books in their underdress collection this autumn -no kidding… I feel more like it´s time to shoot myself since I can´t stand the world any longer because of all the commercials about these books. It´s not because of the books themselves. I don´t think they would have sold so extremely much if it wasen´t for all the extreme advertising about them compared to other books. I don´t have to read them, but I have had to see banners all over the subway advertising the same book -no kidding there eather! What is probably loved as movies that people watch for pleasure by both pedophiles, sadists and hallics was advertised as “romantic reading”. It is even worse than the so called “romantic comedies” Hollywood always spew out in this day and age.

    If someone told me “You´re mine” I would think of him as extremely weak and not as a man. A real man can be cool and live without a woman and would not need to try and imprisonate her out of fear she might leave him. To say that Christian Grey character is too on is an extreme understatement. Not only a turn-off for me, but I would seriously become depressed if I was the female character. I´m not as naive and stupid as the female main character in that story. “She thinks she is going to change him for the better, so she takes on her own mission” as I´ve been told. Oh, LOL, how qute! NOT. I actually think it´s also VERY vain of girls to think they can change a completely wicked sadist to the better all by themselves. Just give up already. It´s his responsibility, so don´t make it your self-righteous saint-mission! He must want to change himself first if that is ever going to happen. These type of men need to get help by the most high, not by some girl who thinks she can be like a female messiach. (Seriously thinking wayyy to unrealistic of themselves.) I´m seriously so SICK AND TIRED of all these “guy changes for the better because of a girl”-“romantic” storylines. It´s in almost ALL the Hollywood movies. Offcourse this is all deceptions and stupid wishful thinking makes people belive it works this was IRL. It never does.

    Sorry for the rant, but I do genuinely hate these deceptions presenting themselves under the sweet, completely misleading title “romantic”. It´s duble deceptions.

  4. Seriously, I´ve heard so many people saying they only read one of these books because they felt they needed to when there was so much commercials and talk about them and got totally chocked about what it really was. Before these books became a hit I remember there was even more deceiving commercials about them. Someone payed A LOT of money for these books to sell in the first place.

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