Why Fukushima Radiation is Not Just a California Problem?

The meltdown felt around the world?

By now, everyone knows the story.  The terrible tsunami that struck Japan about a year ago was staggering enough in terms of human lives and damage, but its crippling of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant may be the worst implication of the tragedy to date.  It was widely reported that radiation would indeed make the jump to the United States Western Coast.  This was absolutely true and has already been proven by scientists.  Extremely low levels of radiation have already been recorded in California and other western states, although scientists continue to indicate that they are too low to cause any harm to humans or animals.  But it’s not over… as a matter of fact, debris from the tsunami is just now turning up near the coasts of Alaska, showing just how long it takes for stuff to travel that distance.  And Fukushima is reportedly nowhere near what we would call stabilized.  The full extent of the greatest nuclear disaster on Earth since Chernobyl is heavily covered up, and almost no one thinks that it is going to turn out to be less than we expected.

Now, Americans care about their fellow Americans, no matter where they are.  But how many people on the East Coast were concerned about nuclear radiation reaching California’s shores, beyond the “Oh goodness” and back to your meal kind of response that we all give to most national or international news?  Quite a few.  But have you ever considered that the same nuclear radiation storming the shores of our nation’s western coast is going to end up all over our nation eventually.  Why is that?  Because California has thousands of factories producing thousands of products, including food and wine, that are going and have already been shipped all around the country.

Not scary enough for you?  A recent test in major cities around the United States found Fukushima-related radiation present in every single city it tested.   Common Sense Conspiracy is currently investigating this test to find out more information.  In the meantime, enjoy (okay, maybe that’s not the right word) this video from experts back when the disaster actually happened.  We were warned of what is now turning out to be true.