Well There’s a First — Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets PhotoShopped in an Unusual Way — Smaller Breasts?

What is there really to say about this? Possibly the worst conspiracy we have ever posted about on this site.

Well, we won’t be putting this to a public poll because the comments would probably get out of hand.  Apparently, Jennifer Love Hewitt had her favorite body part altered in an advertisement for her new show “The Client List.”  Well, that’s not news, right?  Happens all the time.  However, what makes this a little different is the fact that the advertisement was actually edited in an unusual direction.  Jennifer’s breasts were actually made smaller in the advertisement.

Jennifer claims to know nothing of the alteration and found out when someone pointed out the difference to her.  “The Client List” is an unusual foray into the darker side for the Lifetime television network, which is known for family-friendly women’s programming.  Apparently, Lifetime felt that showing Jennifer in her natural state was a little too risque for their viewing demographic.  However, it’s kind of ironic to make a move like that on a show that is basically about prostitution.

Some believe that Lifetime may have overstepped its boundaries on this one and risks the possibility of alienating its conventional viewer base.  Lifetime is probably trying to alter its own image by producing a program that is likely to attract more male viewers than women, but at what cost?

So, as always we want to hear what you think about this, but we’re not going to put it to a poll.  You are welcome to fill up the comments.  We do not edit comments, as we have stressed so many times before, so unless you are openly attacking another user in a flagrant way, we will allow your comments to be viewed AS-IS.  Thanks for reading.