Was Artist Thomas Kinkade the Illuminati’s Latest Victim? Unexpected Death Leaves Questions

Thomas Kinkade showing off his skills live.

Well, the Illuminati are at it again.  According to the Internet rumor mill, famous artist Thomas Kinkade’s death may have been the latest Illuminati master plot.  Kinkade died last Friday at the young age of 54.  The family has only said that the painter died of natural causes (a common theme in these stories), and authorities haven’t said much except that a full autopsy will be performed by the Santa Clara coroner.

So why all the commotion in conspiracy circles?  Well, like others recently (Whitney Houston, Samantha Wopat), anytime a death doesn’t have an immediately satisfying answer released publicly, the rumor mill starts to churn.  And those that watch the supposed Illuminati actions are quick to pounce on anything that is not so ordinary.  But why Kinkade?

Thomas Kinkade is not your average starving artist.  His paintings are famous the world over, hanging in homes in original and print form.  He is so popular, in fact, that he made more than $50 million from 1997 to 2005.  That’s not chump change.  Thomas Kinkade was a force in the art world, but he was one of those figures that transcended his own field, making his way into the vernacular of everyday America.  You could probably do a survey and find that an overwhelming number of Americans are familiar with Kinkade and his work.  It is estimated that as many as ten million residences in the United States feature artworks in some format by Thomas Kinkade.

For the Illuminati-prone, this means a global outreach, and the central concept behind the Illuminati movement is to find people that have this kind of audience and bend it to their own purposes.  When these supposed Illuminati murders happen, it is often surmised that the person in question either would not conform to what they wanted him to do or threatened to reveal the movement in some way that was less than flattering.  Throw in the fact that Thomas Kinkade was often called the “Painter of Light,” and you have a full-fledged Illuminati conspiracy theory waiting to happen.  Of course, the Illuminati centered around the concept of enlightenment, which is why Kinkade’s nickname is so disturbing to those that buy into that kind of logic.

In reality, Kinkade’s nickname was an ode to his skill.  He was known for having an uncanny ability to portray light of all types in his paintings with a mastery that could rarely be replicated by others in his field.  But, viewed the right way, this becomes Illuminati murder theory fodder, which is probably unfounded.  However, it is interesting that it is theorized that most of the Illuminati’s massive historic wealth exists in the form of historical works of art.  So, there is some sensibility to the idea that a popular mainstream artist would probably have encountered them at one point or another.

A long-standing theory about Illuminati murders revolves around the number 27.  This is because many famous musicians died at the age of 27, giving rise to a mystical conspiracy theory about famous figures that die at this age.  Some Illuminati reachers are saying that Kinkade’s age of 54 was a multiple of 27 and are trying to seize it as an opportunity to imply that the Illuminati only works in multiples of 27.  The same theorists will also bleed to death explaining why Taylor Swift’s fascination with the number thirteen means she is an Illuminati member as well.  More likely, twenty-seven is the age when self-destructive artists tend to overdose on drugs or alcohol or completely lose their faculties.  See Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Kobain, Jim Morrison, and Amy Winehouse for more details.

When an official cause of death is announced, perhaps the Illuminati murder rumors will lessen.  Or maybe it will gain steam.  Only time will tell.

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