Waitress Gets $12,000 Tip at Restaurant — Police Take It Away

That's some serious leftovers, lady!

Thought the Peyton Manning tip was over-the-top?  How about the waitress that found $12,000 cash as a tip in Moorhead, Minnesota?  The mother of five was overjoyed, if not suspicious, but police seized the tip calling it drug money.

Now, anyone that frequents Common Sense Conspiracy knows that we generally side with the little guys, but this is one of those cases where the media is oversensationalizing a story.  For example, if you look at any news site, they are acting as if this “tip” was left in good faith on the table.  They act like the police stepped in and made up something to take the money from the mother who is described as needing a “miracle” for her family to help with financial problems.  Well, we don’t take things at face value, as you probably already know, and we’re here to tell you the real story.

Stacy Knutson waited on a table and discovered that the patron had left a to-go box at the table and left.  Okay, problem number one.  BULLSHIT ALERT!  The to-go box was not from the Fryn’ Pan, the restaurant Knutson works out.  That’s right, the lady had left a to-go box from another restaurant on the table.  Anyway, conscientious and eager-to-please Stacy rushes out and catches the lady before she leaves.  She tells her it’s okay, for the waitress to keep it and quickly leaves.  Strange?  Yeah, the police thought so.  When Stacy got back inside, she thought the box felt a little heavy to be leftover food and finally got up the gumption to open it.  Inside were bundles of cash totaling up to $12,000.

Now, Knutson is suing to try to get the money back because she says the money was given to her.  However, police say it was a drug money transaction gone wrong.  Now the money is in “the system.”  Now that Knutson has sued, the ultimate decision of whether she is owed the $12,000 will depend on a judge.  But, in any case, do not let anyone convince you that Stacy was left a $12,000 tip on purpose.  That is simply not the case.

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