Van Jones Says Occupy Movement Saved America — Did Obama Plan the Occupy Protests?

Van Jones says the Occupy Wall Street protests had far-reaching impacts.

Van Jones was formerly part of President Barack Obama’s administration as the green jobs czar (whatever that means).  In an interview, he said that the Occupy Wall Street movement saved America from destruction.  A little much, you say?  Well, let’s hear his case.

According to Van Jones, both political parties in the United States were poised to cause even more heartache for the middle class with planned policies, such as cutbacks.  Both parties seemed to reach an amicable agreement on letting the rich run with no rules, having no rights for the poor, and eliminating the so-called middle class.  The Occupy movement forced them to re-examine what they were doing and put aside their agenda, especially ahead of a critical election year for both sides of the aisle.  Jones says that the Occupy movement was the equivalent of hitting the “reset” button for America.

Jones is headlining an event called “All in for the 99%.”  This is a special training program to encourage those that wish to protest to do so in a non-violent but effective manner.  Jones compares the current situation to civil rights demonstrations in the 1960’s that helped bring about change.