Trayvon Martin and Gun Violence — Setting the Stage for Gun Control in Obama’s Second Term

The Trayvon Martin situation puts the focus on gun control more than ever.

The controversial killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman as a “neighborhood watch patrol” is one of the biggest stories of 2012 so far.  And with his trial upcoming, it will continue to be so.  The incident is a rallying point for those that think that gun control is a necessary evil for the United States and that it is time for the Second Amendment (you know, the one that guarantees that we have the right to bear arms) to be nullified.  Many people believe that President Obama will seek some sort of legislation if he is re-elected to a second term in November that will cripple the ability of the American people to get guns.  Or ammo.  Many conspiracy theorists believe that Obama might try to make it difficult to get the bullets more than taking on guns directly.  By restricting ammunition, the guns that are currently in American’s hands would be rendered harmless and useless.

The government uses strategies like this all the time.  Consider Internet poker.  The United States was able to stamp out this form of what it calls “gambling” (most poker players contend that poker is a game of skill and not luck) not by outlawing or criminalizing the playing of it online, but by making it illegal for United States banks to process electronic transactions.  So, it’s perfectly legal to play online poker, but you have no way to deposit money.  The same concept is what many fear will be behind gun control.  Stop the bullets, stop the guns.  Simple enough.

The timing of the Trayvon Martin story only spotlights the issue and helps the agenda of those that want to take guns out of people’s hands.  But have you paid attention to the news lately?  The media has bombarded us with violent outbreaks, all involving handguns.  If you thought it seemed like a lot more shootings were taking place, you were right.  Consider:

January 29, 2012 — 5 shot dead in Birmingham, Alabama

February 22, 2012 — 5 shot dead in Atlanta, Georgia

February 27, 2012 — 3 shot dead, 3 wounded in Cleveland, Ohio

March 8, 2012 — 2 shot dead, 7 wounded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

April 1, 2012 — 2 shot dead and 12 injured in Miami, Florida

April 2, 2012 — 4 wounded from gunshots in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

April 2, 2012 — 7 shot dead, 3 wounded in Oakland, California

The Columbine shootings left their mark, but violence today may have more poignant effects.

That’s pretty staggering statistics for the last four months of 2012.  Consider also 2011, which had its share of shootings as well.  One notable entry is another shooting at Virginia Tech.  What are the odds of two shooting events on one college campus?  Then you have the international incident of the Norway shooter.  Shootings are becoming remarkably common, so common in fact that we often don’t even pay attention now when one hits the news.  Remember Columbine?  School shootings used to be a polarizing, show-stopping event.  Now they are almost commonplace.  But why?  Why now?

The government likes to have reasons for what it does.  The amount of gun-related violence this year alone will give them all the ammunition they need to pursue gun regulation if Obama is re-elected.  With a second-term President with nothing to lose, it may be time for the New World Order to make one of its primary objectives a reality.  Are you ready for the gunless era of America?  It’s just around the corner.

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