Tommy Marth Commited Suicide — Member of the Band The Killers the Illuminati’s Latest Victim?

Tommy Marth is dead at 33.

For Illuminati conspiracy believers, it has been a busy year so far.  The death of Whitney Houston a few months back caused much speculation of an Illuminati connection, and there is a huge school of thought that the Illuminati regularly goads popular musicians and actors into going along with its routine.  When they revolt against the Illuminati, supposedly, they usually end up dead fairly quickly.  Today, it was announced that another prominent musician has passed away at a very young age.  Tommy Marth, the saxophonist for the highly successful rock band The Killer, is dead at just 33 years of age, and authorities quickly ruled it a suicide.

There are very little details about Tommy’s death.  The only thing that has been released so far is that he was found dead on Monday at his Las Vegas residence and that the cause of death has been termed a suicide.  No details of how they came to this conclusion have been released so far.  The band confirmed that Marth was dead through a Tweet issued that expressed their condolences for Marth’s family.  The Killers did indicate in their Tweet that Tommy did not die from natural causes, so they seem to be corroborating the official story.

Tommy Marth played on two very successful albums for The Killers.  He helped create their unique sound, adding saxophone to what is generally hard rocking guitar riffs and instrumentation.  It will be interesting to see what details arise.  Generally, deaths like this that are thought to be Illuminati-related go back to the tried and true drug overdose, but the authorities generally don’t term a death suicide unless their is good evidence that the person knowingly attempted to take their own life.  For example, Whitney Houston committed suicide in a sense, but it was not considered to be blatantly intentional, so it was not ruled a suicide by the coroner.  If they are calling this a suicide, it probably means that the scene gave some indication that made authorities lean in that direction.  If that is the case, then the Illuminati theory may fall short on this one.  Only time will tell as more information is revealed.  As always, Common Sense Conspiracy will be watching and we’ll let you know as more information is available.

3 thoughts on “Tommy Marth Commited Suicide — Member of the Band The Killers the Illuminati’s Latest Victim?”

  1. Pretty sure reports came out saying Tommy died of a self inflicted gun shot to the head. I also recall Ronnie Vannucci, the drummer for the Killers, say in an interview that Tommy was a crazy guy (in a lighthearted way) and that he was going through some things. Depression is an ugly thing and people who suffer from it dont usually show it.

    1. I have suffered from severe depression for over 25 yrs……maybe her was in love with bf….

  2. 33 is a masonic number.. of erm up most importance. And there quite a lot of importan masonic numbers like 911, which is 9 (9x1x1) which is 3 x 3 (33) now i have seen videos where folks go to far to much effort to connect numbers with the masons when their is no real connection however the number 33 is not one of those, of the numbers the masons worships it is the most important one. And its always curious when MASSIVE things like this happen and have an easy, no clutching at straws, connection to the number 33.And it does happen more than you would think, more than to be just “chance” our world is a matrix of truly random chance and of other things less random deciding which is which can be tricky, but to discount that their are things going on that we are clueless too, which our media would never want us to know… is to be seriously naive, just as to think wikileaks is somehow good or bad.. all it is, is a distraction, another part of the machine.

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