The Titanic and God — Possibly the Greatest Conspiracy Theory of All

In our previous article, A Common Sense Look at the Most Popular Titanic Conspiracy Theories, we looked at the Titanic disaster from the standpoint of worldly manipulation.  If you’ve read the article, you probably see that

The "unsinkable" Titanic currently resides at the bottom of the ocean.

when you check out the facts behind common conspiracy theories relating to the Titanic tragedy, there just isn’t a whole lot of meat on the bones.  Now, we will look at this from an entirely different angle.  In a way, this may be the grandest conspiracy theory of all time, and Christians and others that believe in the idea of a god that silently places his hands on the events of this world often use this as one of their rallying points.

The Titanic was an unbelievable work of technology for its time, which is part of the reason so much intrigue surrounds it.  The ship was famously dubbed as “unsinkable.”  There is a school of thought that this decree that the Titanic was beyond destruction was an outright challenge to God Himself.  The idea is that God would not allow the Titanic to complete even its maiden voyage after such a bombastic statement, and the theories surrounding this go even further in preaching against the extravagance and wealth that the Titanic symbolized.  One of the greatest factors is that the Titanic sank by striking an iceberg.  The area of the ocean that the Titanic was sailing in was not one where icebergs were prevalent, making it an uncanny coincidence that such a tragedy could have happened where it happened.  Many chalk this up to God going out of his way to make sure the Titanic’s “unsinkable” claims would not work out.

How you feel about this theory will depend solely on your particular religious beliefs and inclinations?  If you believe in an almighty God, then you may very well see this as a viable possibility.  If you don’t believe in such things, you will probably find it ludicrous.  The only evidence for the theory is that the Titanic did indeed sink in an extraordinary series of events.  Whether this is the act of a God or just a coincidence of a complicated Earth is up to you to decide.

The more radical conspiracy theorists actually take this a step farther by comparing it to John Lennon.  Some believe that John Lennon’s death was the result of God’s vengeance upon him for his infamous comparison of the Beatles to Jesus Christ.  Just as with the Titanic, there is no amount of factual evaluation that will help you confirm or deny such allegations.  The answer lies within you.  So, as always, Common Sense Conspiracy wants to hear what you think.
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4 thoughts on “The Titanic and God — Possibly the Greatest Conspiracy Theory of All”

  1. “The Titanic was an unbelievable work of technology for its time,”

    This is what we have been told over and over and over. The simple truth is the Titanic was designed to be sunk. Start with the hundreds of thousands or rivets used to hold the steel plates to the hull structure. They were so brittle in cold water they easily sheered off.. Now I ask you if these brilliant designers of this marvelous technology did not test the rivets what the hell else did they not test. Actually the rivets were endlessly tested and performed as required. Remember the object was to sink the Titanic.

    The “watertight bulkheads” had a four foot space above the water line that allowed the “watertight bulkheads” to fill with water if the ship did not remain perfectly level in the water. Oh this is wonderful design; after all we can assume a sinking ship will sink perfectly level in the water. Actually the bulkheads were endlessly tested and performed as required. Remember the object was to sink the Titanic.

    You can go through the flawed design features of the Titanic one by one and repeat the same refrain; no one in his right mind would design a ship in this manner UNLESS …

    OK so why was the Titanic deliberately sunk?

    In 1912 the US Federal Reserve Bank was aborning in the USA. Many rich powerful people STRONGLY opposed the FED. They realized the FED was the beginning of the end of a free USA. Those people could not be reasoned with; they could not be bought off; they were lured onto the Titanic and murdered. The people who murdered the good men on the Titanic had the power to get away with murder back in 1912 and they had the power to get away with murder in 2001. They have the power to start wars and create H5N1 plagues. Unless we become cognizant of their recurrent mass murders we will soon see BILLIONS murdered.

    Three guesses who owns the FED?

  2. Lou the only problem with your theory, and with this particular theory in general is NOOOO ONE who was actually connected with the ship or it’s building ever said the ship was “unsinkable”. A newspaper published an article about the Olympic class ships in 1911 and dubbed them “nearly unsinkable”. After that people went on the assumption that it was unsinkable and the media escalated the claim after it sank.
    Also as far as the rivets go, they were made of a slightly lesser quality rivet due to a shortage in iron that took place shortly before the Olympic class ships were built.
    And the whole problem with the whole “federal reserve sank the Titanic” theory is those men who opposed it were on the Olympic, Which Guggenheim and Astor travelled from America to Europe on. Why not sink it then.
    It makes no sense.
    And that is coming from someone who is a firm believer that the Federal Reserve is evil incarnate and that the people who started it, JP Morgan and colleagues, were terrible people trying to enslave our nation and the world.
    But the tragedy of the Titanic is something I have been studying for twenty years and these theories are just wrong.

  3. I meant Iron not rivet ” slightly lesser quality rivet due to a shortage in iron that took place shortly before the Olympic class ships were built.” here

  4. I have heard the theory that “God sank the Titanic and killed John Lennon” for blasphemy from Christians for years. They claim the designer was an ex Christian who claimed God could not sink his ship. So God sank the ship out of spite. I like to point out that Mao and Stalin denied the very existence of God and had the opputunity to exterminate millions of people while living to ripe old ages. Did God give special blessings to Atheist dictators while murdering ocean liner passengers.? Never mind that ships have a habit of sinking and the ocean is stronger than man. Or are all ship sinkings miracles? My friend’s cabin cruiser sunk off New Jersey in the 80s. Perhaps God did it.

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