Texas Prom Queen Fakes Leukemia — Raises $17,000 in Donations Before Arrest

Angie's mugshot after her arrest.

Angie Gomez is a Texas prom queen who swindled over $17,000 from fellow students who donated to her created charity “Achieve the Dream Foundation” because they believed she was dying of leukemia.  Turns out it was all a fraud, and police arrested her for felony charges.  She is currently in jail on a $50,000 bond.  But Angie claims that she did it all with the best of intentions.

Gomez’s attorney, Sheldon Myers, says that Angie has a soft spot for cancer kids and came up with the scheme to raise money to donate it to others.  Of course, there is no word on what happened to the $17,000 and whether it was really donated to a noble cause or is still sitting in a bank account somewhere.  It appears that Angie is unable to raise similar funds to make her bail money, so she will be sitting in jail for quite a while.

The nineteen-year-old was spared no embarrassment.  Yahoo News released a video nationwide of Angie being walked away in handcuffs after her arrest.  This case will be interesting to watch.  It brings up many questions.  If her concerns are legitimate, does it change the way your view the case?  Or is lying still lying?  That is the question.