Tebow Time Comes to Texas — Huge Crowd Converges on Small Town to Hear Tim Tebow Speak at Easter Service

Tim Tebow is always in the news for something, but this time it's nothing to do with football.

It’s not known how it came about or why Georgetown, Texas was selected for Tim Tebow to make his big Easter splash, but it is being reported that the popular football player and religious icon will be speaking for about twenty minutes during an outdoor Easter Sunday service.  The town is taking precautionary measures to prepare for a crowd of 30,000 that is expected to be in attendance.  To give you an idea of the church’s normal congregation, its page on Facebook has only 400 likes.  This will be a huge influx of people.   The church is just an ordinary one, and parking will be a major issue.  To offset problems, the church has acquired 110 buses to help move people in and out from different strategic areas around Texas.

The only real claim to fame for Georgetown, Texas is that it is where Hall of Fame baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan lives.  The pastor at the church told television reporters he has no idea why Tebow selected this church for the big day.  There has to be some reason, and it is not clear if the church even attempted to solicit Mr. Tebow’s services or if they were selected without any contact with Tebow and his staff at all.  The rumor mill will be churning out theories big time.  Maybe Tebow will give some insight into why this small Texas town was selected when he speaks on Sunday.