Stupid is as Stupid Does — Morris Claiborne’s Wonderlic Scores Leave the Public Wondering How He Graduated College

College grad but he can't find his way to the stadium?

When collegiate football players endeavor to make the jump to the NFL, one of the activities they participate in that help NFL scouts know how they rank among their peers is the Wonderlic intelligence test.  The test is administered to everyone as part of the NFL combine, and it’s results are supposed to give scouts a good look at the player’s intelligence level.

While what is on the test is not public (and the scores aren’t supposed to be either, but they have a way of leaking out eventually), the test consists of fifty available points.  The average score for NFL players is 21.  The public average is 24.  Vince Young famously scored a six and Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw got a thirteen.  Now, Morris Claiborne, a talented cornerback from LSU, has had his Wonderlic scores revealed, and he has tied the worse score in history with a four.

As the theory goes, a person should be able to get a four or above on a Wonderlic test even if they blindly guessed the answers.  Maybe that is what Claiborne did, but in any case, it is a poor reflection on him, and his education at Louisiana State University.  Remember, the public average on the test is a 24.  That’s public, like everyone, like even the dumbest person you know.  A four is so bad that it almost means that Claiborne had all the wrong answers and picked them on purpose.

It really makes people wonder what kind of things go on in the world of collegiate athletics.  Could the same Morris Claiborne that scored a four on the Wonderlic have successfully completed a course of study at LSU, which is not regarded as a soft university?  Did this guy ever go to class?  But a four on the Wonderlic is worse than just not going to class.  A score of 10 on the Wonderlic is jokingly said to indicate a person can read.

Did Claiborne just not take the test seriously?  Or is there more at work here?  One thing is for sure.  Morris Claiborne is projected as a top five draft pick, and he will soon be a millionaire, and you, the public average of 24, will probably not be.


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  1. I am a 65 year old man.American through and through. To hear this is sickening…..Our country has lost it’s pride,it’s respectability,it is embarrassing and shameful,that we carry on like this.I don’t shame the man. I shame the system. And please don’t give me the crap that the football money is worth the decision to sacrifice one to the masses.

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