South Korea Says No to Lady Gaga

South Koreans don't want homosexuality spreading around their youth.

A huge prayer group will be striking out at Lady Gaga in South Korea today, trying to ask God to intervene and not allow the concert to take place for fear that Lady Gaga’s performance will spread “homosexuality and pornography” around their country.  The controversial pop star is gearing up to start her global world tour in Seoul this week, but the country that has the largest population of Christians in Asia, except for the Phillipines, is seeing record numbers of Christians rallying to the cause to pray Lady Gaga out of South Korea.

Some of the associations in South Korea believe that Lady Gaga is capable of “infecting” young people with homosexuality and pornography.  They are praying to not have this burden inflicted upon their youth and spread through their nation in the years to come.  South Korean authorities have already raised the age level for the concert from 12 to 18.

Lady Gaga has not responded to the protests thus far directly.  She did promise fans on her Twitter account of 22 million followers the “tour of her life.”