So, What’s Up With Google Easter Eggs and What is Zerg Rush?

Watch our for the killer Cheerio's.

The Internet search engine juggernaut Google has a secret.  Sometimes, they like to pick certain search terms and place what is called “Easter eggs” into the search results.  Virtually every Google tool or application has had an “Easter egg” inserted in it at some time or another.  Often, they become Internet sensations and encourage millions to, well, use Google.  The latest offering is called the Zerg Rush Easter Egg.

If you search for “zerg rush” in Google, everything will seem normal at first.  However, after a second or two, the O’s on the page will start to attack and eliminate the search results one by one.  It becomes a fun game, as the user can use the mouse to click on the killer O’s to fight them off.  Most O’s take several clicks to successfully eliminate.

The idea behind the “zerg rush” Easter egg comes from the hugely popular video game Star Craft.  In the game, a fictional race of aliens frequently employ the tactic of a “rush” which is when several assailants are aimed at an enemy at once.  The idea is that that mass numbers will simply overpower the enemy, which basically surrenders the whole concept of turn-based strategy games by just bum-rushing the opponent.  Apparently, some Google programmers are very in tune with the Star Craft world and decided to implant their latest Easter egg to pay homage to the game.

The effect only happens when you enter precise search terms in the Google engine, so have no fear.  Your normal browsing will not be affected, but the Zerg Rush can actually be a pretty fun game to play if you have nothing better to do.  Like at work.