SHOCKING NEWS — NFL Player Takes Responsibility for His Actions and Thanks Law Enforcement

Josh Cribbs likes to go fast...whether on the field or in his Bentley.

Okay this is a little bit of a sarcastic title.  It’s like this.  NFL players are notorious for getting themselves into all sorts of bad situations, usually involving criminal charges when it’s all said and done, and they rarely own up to what they have done and take any responsibility for their actions.  That’s why Josh Cribbs, who is the all-time leader in kickoff returns and currently plays for the Cleveland Browns, deserves a commendation.  He was recently pulled over by police because he was cruising at the speed of 103 miles per hour on a road zoned for 60.  Why is this exceptional?

First of all, he wasn’t drunk.  So, no DUI for Josh.  That’s a plus, as it has seemed in recent years that nobody in the NFL ever got pulled over sober.  So, we give him accolades for not drinking and driving, although being intoxicated might have explained his need to go 103 miles per hour.  Secondly, instead of complaining about the no doubt costly incident, he took to Twitter to acknowledge his bad decision and saluted the members of law enforcement for doing a good job.  Here’s a sampling from his Twitter messages:

“Wrong is wrong.  Gotta face the music just like anyone else.  Much respect to the police officers who pulled me over!  I will lead better on the road now as well as on & off the field.”

Now for the rest of the free world, this shouldn’t be news, but we at Common Sense Conspiracy have seen so many stories about NFL players that did not turn out this well.  So, we thought it appropriate to point out that not every story about an NFL player breaking in the evening news is necessarily bad, and our hats are off to Josh Cribbs for doing the right thing.