Secret Service Gone Wild — More Details Emerge about Colombian Adventures

What happens in Colombia...gets told to the whole world.

More information is slowly coming out about the prostitution scandal that erupted in Colombia last week.  When the story first broke, the only real details were that the Secret Service had a wild night on the town in Cartagena, Colombia and it involved several prostitutes.  Now, more of the sordid details are being released, and it isn’t doing anything for the reputation of the Secret Service.  Apparently Colombia is the party destination for government officials.  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was at a nightclub partying it up to.  You can read all about that at our other article Hillary Clinton Parties at Colombia Nightclub.

If anyone was hoping that the Secret Service scandal was just something that happened and was unplanned, all bets are now off.  The Secret Service booked a place to party at the majestic Hotel Caribe hotel to get things started before heading out to nightclubs.  The men ended up at the “Pley Club,” which doubles as a brothel.  They were not shy about things and even bragged about the fact that they were employees of President Obama while drinking expensive whiskey.  Eleven members of the service were involved, and they accepted “services” from prostitutes on the premises.  However, it didn’t stop there either.  They actually invited the prostitutes to come along with them back to the Hotel Caribe where the party continued into the night.  After visiting a few other clubs and increasing the female part of the entourage some more, they headed back to Caribe with about 20 women.  This too was premeditated.  When they booked the party space, they told the hotel that they anticipated having at least 30 people.

Things might have slipped under the radar unnoticed, but the morning after, one of the Secret Service personnel got in a heated argument with one of the women over how much money he owed them.  The argument apparently got so out of hand that eventually someone called the police.  Three have been forced out of their jobs in one way or the other, while the other eleven are still on leave while the incident is investigated.  To make it even worse, there are now rumors circulating that the wild night might have included use of illegal drug substances.  The Secret Service really knows how to party.

The pink elephant in the room that no one is addressing thus far is how all of this was paid for.  From the quarrel between the Secret Service agent and the prostitute, it seems clear that at least the money paid for escort and sexual services was out of the agent’s pocket, but there is no word on whether the hotel space was paid for with taxpayer money or not.