Rumor : Avril Lavigne Is A Transvestite

Matt Lavigne, brother to singer Avril Lavigne, says in his unauthorized biography that Avril Lavigne is a transvestite. Matt Lavigne claims that their dad did not want another boy and that their mother dressed the boy as a girl and gave him female hormones. Their mother claims she created the “skater look” for Avril because the baggy pants would hide the fact she is a he. By the time their dad found out, Avril was already rich and famous. So you decide, Avril Lavigne, boy or girl?

4 thoughts on “Rumor : Avril Lavigne Is A Transvestite”

  1. Вы,блядь,совсем охуели?!Вы хоть думаете что вы пишите в соц. сетях?!Если уж пишите,то проверяйте достоверность информации.Нехуй тут ахинею нести!И вообще по себе людей не судят!

    1. It’s not nice to come on our site and call us promiscuous women in foreign languages. Please insult us in our native language so everyone can enjoy it.

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