Residential Apartments May Have Missiles on Their Roofs for Olympics

London Olympics Stadium will be heavily guarded throughout the duration of the 2012 Summer Olympics.

It’s a stark revelation about where we are at this point in the world when the British military had to announce publicly that it will be stationing surface-to-air missiles on the tops of apartments as part of its defenses for the upcoming Olympic Games.  About 700 people in the town of Bow received information from the military informing them that missiles and military personnel may be occupying the rooftops for as long as two months.  The town is just two miles from the Olympic Stadium in London.  The brochures handed out to residents indicated that their dwellings offered the best point for the installation of protective missiles because of a clear view of the surrounding area.

It’s a very rare event when military weapons have been installed in residential areas for an event such as this.  Naturally, some of the residents are not happy about it, but the ministry of Britain insists that whatever it ends up doing, there will be no threat to the people living there.  The missiles would only be used in an extreme emergency situation and would probably be the military’s last resort.  It is all part of a massive effort by Great Britain to beef up security for the London Olympics.  It has already announced that as many as 13,500 troops will be involved with providing defense services for the Olympics, and that is in addition to normal security personnel.  Typhoon fighter jets, helicopters, warships, and a team of bomb experts will all be a part of closely monitoring everything that happens in and around the area, both leading up to and during the competitions.