Really Smart Dinosaurs May Rule the Roost on Alien Worlds

Dinosaurs in space...coming to a galaxy near you.

No, really.  It’s an interesting topic to think about.   After all, we are taught from elementary school about the period when the magnificent dinosaurs had dominion on our Earth.  Then, in a quirk of fate, they were destroyed by a cataclysmic asteroid strike that put the Earth in a permanent winter.  Did you ever wonder what might have happened if the dinosaurs had just kept going?  Would they have eventually evolved into intelligent beings like, well, us?

Absolutely, says Ronald Breslow, a Columbia University research who has published a paper in the Journal of the American Chemical Society believes that it is very possible that there are alien Earth-like worlds out there in space where the same progression of life has taken place.  Instead of little green men, Breslow suggests that if we ever had the capability to travel to one of these planets or communicate with it in some way, we may very well find it to be governed by a species of very intelligent dinosaurs.  That could be really bad news for futuristic space explorers.

Another journal publication has already suggested that when the asteroid hit Yucatan 65.5 million years ago, it caused an explosion so powerful that it shot off meteor chunks of the Earth with dinosaur DNA on them into space.  These could have took up residence on other planets, giving way for the possibility of the dinosaurs to get the last laugh and rise to power again on some distant planet.  So, the dinosaur extinction could have been a vehicle for them to move on to new vistas.  And maybe some of these did not suffer cataclysmic asteroid strikes, allowing the dinosaurs to involve into intelligent beings like ourselves.

The idea is not that out of tune with current theories.  After all, many scientists already believe that the building blocks of life were brought to Earth on meteors from who knows where.  The funny thing about these theories is that while they do have some sensibility to their logic, they don’t explain how life sprung to begin with.  For all the knowledge scientists have, the best explanation they can come up with is that life was out there somewhere and was transported here by space rocks.

Well, that solves everything, doesn’t it?