Racism Cured — Get Your Propranolol and Love Thy Neighbor

Turns out all the Ku Klux Klan needed was a steady supply of Propranolol.

High blood pressure is an epidemic, and pharmaceutical companies are always looking for the holy grail of blood pressure to come out with the product that redefines how people control those dreaded two numbers.  It’s big business, but now, it’s turning a corner into a whole new debate over whether not just those suffering from hypertension but EVERYONE should be taking the blood pressure medication Propranolol.  Why?  Because an Oxford University study has determined that Propanolol, in addition to controlling blood pressure, also cures racism.

Apparently the medication has an interesting effect on the central nervous system, especially the part that seems to regular the subconscious that determines our attitudes on subjects like race.  According to researchers, even those among of us that claim to believe that every man and woman is created equal and deserves the same general rights as everyone else, the inclination to look at things through a racial bias is in the subconscious.  It’s not to say that they don’t believe in equality, but only that they are unable to completely look through life without a little hue from racial-colored glasses.

Science has a long and somewhat sordid history of trying to find an explanation for the concept of racism in general.  Back in 2009, a study claimed that Caucasians that were better at distinguishing  the facial features of black people were more likely to be racially tolerant.  Of course, the problem there is the study was started on a racist concept to begin with.  Instead of a true scientific study, it turned out to be more like an episode of MythBusters…”Do All African Americans Look Alike?”  It’s quite possible if they turned the tables around and conducted the study on African Americans, similar conclusions would result.  Toddlers have been studied to see if racial biases could be “programmed” into them in a young age.

As all of these studies always do, there is a catch.  The Propranolol study that revealed that the blood pressure medication might “cure racism” was performed on a fine cross-sampling of the population…36 Caucasian males.

That’s conclusive for sure.  What do you think?

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