5 thoughts on “Pyramids Of Glass Found In Bermuda Triangle”

  1. THIS PYRAMID IS MUCH LARGER than the” Great Pyramid of Cheops”. It has been programmed to pulse out the love frequency to aid in human Ascension, and is linked to the earth grid 144 and is linked to the pyramid at the north of the big island of Hawaii linking ancient Lemeria and Atlantean tecnologies to work together in the Human and Earth Ascension. Peace and love from Cassiopea

    1. Pyramid off the Big Island? I live in Hawaii and have never heard of this. Is there somewhere I can read more about this?

  2. Honestly? This whole conspiracy is a lie. My friend and her family had a trip planned to go to Puerto Rico, then to Miami then home. On the way there yeah there was messing up of their frequencies but she made it home safely the next month.

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