President Obama Playing Defense After Ann Romney “Hasn’t Worked a Day in Her Life” Comment

It's "shoot-at-everything-that-moves" time in an election year. We can't wait. Ann Romney is a mother. And wife of a billionaire. Does she have a say in the matter?

Well, Mitt Romney’s campaign knows a thing or two about sticking a foot in their mouth.  The famous Etch-A-Sketch guffaw caused quite a stir and left an awful lot of political candidates playing with childhood toys on television.  Now, President Obama has a misstep of his own on his hands.  Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen made the statement that Ann Romney, the wife of Republican nominee Mitt Romney, had no right to discuss our nation’s economy when she “hasn’t worked a day in her life.”

Now, the Romney’s are rich beyond belief, far dwarfing the fortunes of President Obama and most government officials.  However, President Obama immediately spun into damage control, saying that Ann was a mother of two children, and that is work.  He is playing defense on this one because political experts believe that Romney’s best chance for defeating Obama in the upcoming election will hinge on his performance with female voters.  For Romney, this is an excellent chance to take advantage of an errant comment (much as has been done to him repeatedly) and make the Democratic Party look like they don’t think being a mother is a job.  There are thousands of stay-at-home mothers that might latch onto this logic.  However, one has to wonder about this.  After all, being a stay-at-home mother in a household making $20,000 to $50,000 a year is probably a hell of a lot tougher than being a stay-at-home soccer mom beside Mitt Romney, who is one of the few people in the world that can relate to the national debt.