President Obama Calls Kanye West a Jackass…For the Second Time

Apparently, Kim Kardashian doesn't think that Kanye is a jackass. Or maybe she's just into that sort of thing.

Back in 2009, Kanye West received a little negativity from the President of the United States after he made his impromptu interruption of Taylor Swift while she was accepting an award at the MTV Video Music Awards.  President Obama called him a “jackass” for his unusual move.  In an interview with The Atlantic last week, President Obama addressed his feelings on Kanye West once again.  The subject came up, and Obama praised Kanye, saying he was “smart” and “very talented.”  The reporter couldn’t resist poking him about his earlier comment.  Obama didn’t miss a blink in reiterating that Kanye West is indeed a jackass.  A talented jackass, but still a jackass.  The President has said that he prefers Jay-Z to Kanye, and has admitted to having some Jay-Z on his iPod.

No matter what you think of President Obama’s politics and the decisions he has made in his first term as the most powerful man in the world, you have to admit that he definitely got this one right.  Whether you believe that Kanye West is some sort of Illuminati henchman or just another rapper that likes to cause a stir, it’s hard to disagree with President Obama that he is definitely a jackass.  He’s also a genius, purpose or not.  After all, he just got the biggest free advertisement for himself and his music to an international audience absolutely free of charge.  Companies pay millions for seconds of commercial time in events like the Super Bowl to reach a massive audience, but President Obama’s comments allowed Kanye to garner just as much attention without anyone having to foot the bill.  Way to go, Kanye.