Planet Seen Approaching Earth from Antarctica — Hoax!

Believe us...if a rogue planet were really approaching the Earth this close, we would be making a lot more money.

This is a patented BULLSHIT ALERT from your friends at Common Sense Conspiracy.  There is quite a lot of buzz on conspiracy sites about a YouTube video that was released by a supposed “whistleblower” that shows a planet (that’s right, a planet) approaching the Earth that was seen from Antarctica.  That is, from the surface of the Earth.  The video can no longer be viewed because it has been marked as private by the creator of the video.  However, there are probably copies of the video out there circulating as many people (including the CSC) have the capability to rip these videos before they can be taken down.  We have done this with both video and audio at times when there was a delicate issue that we knew would result in the media being removed quickly.  However, in this case, we must try to quell the chaos and confusion by indicating that the idea communicated in this video is completely false and at best, a very good use of computer generated imagery to make something like this look real.

The fascination with this is derived from the long-standing conspiracy theories about a mysterious Planet X, sometimes referred to as Nibiru, re-entering the solar system and heading toward the Earth.  Mind you, there has never been any observable proof of this, although there are a number of hoaxes.  We have reported on some of these in the past, and will continue to do so in the future.  This is the most ridiculous one ever.  The video, which was probably conceived as joke but has nevertheless been taken seriously by some of our most outlandish tin foil hat wearers, wants us to believe something that has no foundation in fact whatsoever.  If a planet were this close to the Earth, there would already be obvious effects.  Not to mention that someone would have surely observed it.  You are talking about the kind of widespread conspiracy that is so widespread that it becomes impossible.  Too many people out there would know about this, and therefore it would have already had been made an issue of months if not years ago.

While some may point out earthquakes and climate changes as proof that this is indeed happening, those theories are unfounded as well.  Analysis in previous CSC articles has already revealed that earthquakes are really not any more prevalent then they have been in the past.  Modern technology does allow us to know more about them when they happen, which leads to us all finding them more frequent than in past generations.  For example, seventy or eighty years ago, an earthquake in Indonesia might takes weeks or months to make the news in the United States, if it ever did at all.

A real live planet this close to the Earth that such a video could be shot would have already had very obvious effects on our planet.  Remember, the moon does not qualify as a planet in anyone’s approximation, but it still has enough mass to affect our tides.  A planet on the level of the Nibiru theories would have rewritten the way our world works, not to mention possibly altering our orbit and disrupting countless things in our technology that rely on satellites.

It’s fascinating to talk about, and apparently the video was extremely well-made, but no one will ever reveal Nibiru to the world because they shot it on their handheld camera.  It would come to light far, far before that.  Remember, Saturn and Jupiter are so many millions of miles away, and yet we can still see them with our eyes.  A planet close enough for this video would cover huge portions of the sky and be very obvious to anyone looking up almost anywhere on the planet.

Sometimes it is what it is.  The timing of this video is part of the 2012 Mayan apocalypse scare which many have tied into these other theories.  Whatever happens at the end of this year (which is most likely nothing at all), it will not be the result of a planet that can be viewed with the blind eye from Antarctica.  Better keep paying your mortgage.