Pippa Middleton Gun Drama Over a Toy — Paparazzi Knew It Was a Joke

Pippa Middleton has enjoyed skyrocketing fame since her sister Kate became the Duchess of Cambridge.

Those hoping to see the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, brought up on criminal charges may have to wait.  Now it is being reported that the incident where a gun was flashed at paparazzi pursuing Middleton in Paris, France was only a toy.  Furthermore, it is part of a “game” with the paparazzi photographers and they were well aware that they were in no danger.  The story broke worldwide with gun laws in France sparking intrigue that Pippa could be arrested and charged.  However, Paris police have now confirmed that no one filed a complaint in the matter and there is no investigation underway.

So, it would seem that the paparazzi were able to turn the frivolous incident into a media spectacle.  Score one more for the paparazzi.