Pastor at Georgetown, Texas Church Compares Tim Tebow to the Pope

Pastors Joe and Lori Champion weren't about to say no to Tim Tebow...

Move over, Pope Benedict XVI.  There’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to Christianity.  Tim Tebow made an unusual move today by speaking to a congregation that exceeded 15,000 in the small town of Georgetown, Texas.  According to the pastor of the very ordinary, average small town church, Tim Tebow called him “out of the blue” and asked if he could speak on Easter Sunday.  Naturally, Joe Champion said yes, and then got to work on making preparations.  After all, Easter is always a big turnout day for churches, but nothing like the spectacle that was about to happen here.  As thousands converged on the outdoor service, buses had to be used to reduce the flow of people coming in and out of Georgetown.

Tebow spoke for about 20 minutes in an interview format, meaning that he had questions asked of him but did not give like a traditional speech or sermon.  As is his way, Tebow handled all the attention graciously and continued to give glory to his God for everything that has happened to him.  Champion remarked that Easter is the Christian’s version of the Super Bowl, drawing a parallel between faith and Tim Tebow’s storied football career.

Everything was going pretty much according to plan, but Joe Champion couldn’t resist making one remark that will be making the media circuit:

“When it comes to Christianity right now, there’s the Pope and Tebow.”

The comment will only fuel the Tim Tebow fire.  However, it isn’t that far from the truth.  If you had to name the most famous Christian in the world right now, who would you put first…Tim or the Pope?  And if you’re not Catholic, chances are Tim Tebow ranks considerably higher than the Pope.  It’s one of those comments that probably means no disrespect but will no doubt draw the ire of some Catholics and the demographic that is just simply tired of hearing about Tim Tebow and his faith.  It kind of reminds you of John Lennon’s famous comment that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus Christ and all the backlash he got.

We are still wondering what exactly made Tim Tebow choose this church to make his special appearance.  It’s hard to believe that it was completely random or that the church didn’t lobby for it at all.  However, that is the story that is being presented, and so far, we have found no evidence of any other possibilities.  Maybe Tebow has a dart board and he throws to see where he lands.  Texas is pretty big on the map, and relatively near the center, so I guess he had a fairly good shot at landing in Texas somewhere.  Anyhow, as always, we want to hear what you think about Joe Champion’s comments…
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