Obama Gets Biblical (or Un-Biblical) on Campaign Trail — “I Am My Brother’s Keeper”

Obama turns around a classic line from a famous Bible story.

When President Barack Obama needs a confidence-boost and to get his reelection campaign team a morale boost, they know just where to go.  Vermont.  Despite declining approval ratings in the rest of the country, in Vermont, Obama is still a rock star of the highest order.  He spent Saturday rallying the troops with a rousing speech about how America leaves no one behind and outlined his vision for an America where everyone that works hard has a chance to get ahead.  Hmm, that’s a novel concept, and one that seems to be contrary to most of Obama’s logic thus far.  However, it sounds good on paper, and even better with almost five thousand adoring fans cheering you on.

Obama played up some of his successes, including getting a law passed that guarantees that women’s pay will be equal to men in similar positions.  He also bragged on his health care plan, which is currently being reviewed by the Supreme Court for its constitutionality.  Yet, Obama claims that it was a huge event, marking over one hundred years of trying.  Finally, Obama prevailed.  A hundred years of public health care attempts?  Pretty quiet ones, that’s for sure.  Only the core Democratic base in America seems to support the health care plan at all, and they do so sparingly.  As usual, he takes credit for ending the war in Iraq and the fact that Osama bin Laden has been eradicated.

Obama then talked about making the tax system more fair and making sure that rich people are paying their share.  What this share is, as usual, is not addressed.  Basic math, to be exact, is what President Obama calls it, and yet he doesn’t seem to want to let go of any of the numbers.  Lastly, he reminded us all of why things like the health care plan are so important.  After all, you are your brother’s keeper, right.  And your sister’s too for that matter.

Yes we can!