North Korea Interrupts National Television Programming to Announce that It Will Destroy South Korea

The rivalry between North Korea and South Korea goes back decades.

Insulting North Korea’s government (which let’s face it, who hasn’t?) doesn’t exactly get taken lightly.   Apparently North Korean officials didn’t like something that its longtime rival to the south had to say in the wake of its failed missile launch last week.  The government actually filmed a bit to interrupt national television programming to let the people know that action will be taken.  And by action, we mean big time action.  According to the report, the upcoming attack will use “unprecedented peculiar means and methods of our own style.”

Unprecedented peculiar means and methods?  What the hell does that mean?  It sounds like fodder for late-night television comedians.  However, whatever these methods are, North Korea promises that Seoul will be reduced to ashes in minutes and it will involve fire in some way.

So if you were hoping the new leader in North Korea might lighten up a little, doesn’t look good for you.  South Korea is still evaluating whether the threat should be taken very serious or not.