New Kind of Bounty in the NFL — $1 Million for Tim Tebow’s Virginity on a Plate

Tim has survived temptation before, as you can see here. He will survive it again.

Well, we’ve all heard about the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal for some time now.  Apparently, a coach there actually gave monetary rewards if players satisfied certain goals, like injuring other players.  It got so bad that they even isolated injuries on individual players on the opponent teams and focused on how they could put them out of the game.  Now, a new bounty may be even more provocative than those were.

You know the story.  Tim Tebow is the Christian savant of the world right now, and at 24 years of age, still openly admits to being a virgin.  Common Sense Conspiracy has frequently reported on the salivating starlets looking to take the Tebow crown, which has included figures like Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and even Jenny McCarthy.  But a website,, has upped the ante now.  We did not provide a link to that site because we don’t want to advance their cause.  This website exists for married men and women to meet others that want to participate in adulterous affairs.  To get a lot more attention for themselves (and we hate to admit that we are helping that cause, albeit not intentionally), has now offered a bounty on Tim Tebow.  They will pay a staggering $1 million to anyone that can prove that Tim Tebow’s cherry has been popped.  That’s right…if you can prove that you had sex with Tim Tebow, you are a millionaire instantly.

While it seems a little zany at times, you have to applaud Tim Tebow’s selfless stand for his cause.  This is a guy that could have had any number of women if he so wished, including the enviable list above.  But Tim has stayed true to this Christian roots for good times and for bad, and you have to respect him for that.  But for a site to actually offer a million dollars for someone to throw some dirt on his squeaky-clean image…that’s just wrong.  And then, there is the problem that how many women would set out to tempt poor Tim at the prospect of getting a million bucks in the process.  It truly reads like a temptation of Tim Tebow (scary underlying comparison there…sorry Jesus).

The website aforementioned says that there is no social stigma for pre-marital sex any longer, and Tebow should enjoy his position in life and have some fun.  It’s true that people staying celibate until marriage is probably not very common these days, but should we douche on Tim Tebow for wanting to go there.  Or should we try to pick apart his stand and doubt him?

Incidentally, the bounty made no reference to whether the offending party was male or female.

No, we shouldn’t have said that.  Noooooo…too late, we already hit the publish button.