Move Over Anonymous — New Hacking Group Takes Down 15 Government Websites in Lebanon

A screenshot of the home page of one of the hacked Lebanese government sites.

A group of hackers in Lebanon have had enough of the government’s failed economic policies.  Apparently, living standards are very low in the impoverished nation and there are serious electricity and water shortages.  The group is calling itself “Raise Your Voice” and rallied to take down fifteen separate government websites.  A message from the hacking group said that this is only the beginning.  Until they see results, they will continue to strike in the electronic medium.

The Minister of Energy and Water got his website back up and issued a rebuttal to the attackers, claiming that his predecessor was responsible and that he is working on getting it resolved.

To give you an idea of what life is like in Lebanon, the Minister is promising that by 2014 the country will have 24-hour electricity.  What an amazing thing to offer up as an olive branch when compared to the rest of the world.  You probably get upset if your power is out for thirty minutes.  In Lebanon, people are hoping to one day have constant power to their homes and businesses.