Miley Cyrus Slams Anorexic Accusations — What is Wrong With America’s Perception of Healthy?

Anorexic or just in good shape? You be the judge.

Miley Cyrus has seen it all as a “media darling.”  A couple of years ago, she was accused of being too fat, while looking to the casual observer like a very ordinary American girl for her age.  Now, even as she sports a new figure that some would envy, she is being slammed for being anorexic and succumbing to Hollywood pressures.

The debacle reached its pinnacle recently when Miley Tweeted a video of herself holding a bag of Carl Jr’s fast food and commenting on how bad she wanted to eat it but resisting the urge.  Instead of applauding her for her peaceful resistance, Twitter users took the opportunity to accuse her of anorexia.  Miley retaliated saying that she has a gluten allergy, which has affected millions of Americans, and was

The photo that started a lot of controversy for all the wrong reasons.

avoiding the fast food for that reason more so than her weight.

The real question is why would anyone criticize Miley Cyrus or anyone else for avoiding a bag of Carl Jr’s fast food.  After all, fast food is the biggest cause of obesity and health problems in our culture.  They should be commending her, while we all understand why it is so hard.  But the Hollywood kaleidoscope turns differently, and in her world, she can be accused of being fat or not fat enough in the same week.

So, what do you think?  Has Miley gone too far?  Are the Hollywood pressures forcing her into a state of anorexia, or is she just trying to keep a fabulous figure?  And why would a Tweeted pic of someone sniffing a fast food bag of food and then turning it away cause anyone to have outrage?