Meteor Strikes the Sierra Nevada Mountains — Bright Streak of Light Across the Daytime Sky

Awesome photograph from the meteor this morning.

Many people surrounding the areas of Lake Tahoe, California, Nevada, and Oregon made reports after witnessing a scorching bright light streak across the sky around 8:00 A.M. local time Sunday morning.  It was often referred to as a “blinding light,” as bright as the sun if not more.  Shortly thereafter, a loud sound and shaking was also reported.  The USGS says there were no earthquakes in the area, leading many to believe it was a meteor strike.  The trajectory of the light across the sky seems to indicate that the meteor struck somewhere in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Meteorologists say that if it did strike, it was extremely fortunate that it hit where it did because there is very little population in the area.  However, it has also been pointed out that the boom and shake might have been the result of the meteor breaking the sound barrier and not the results of an actual collision.  This would be similar to when jets break the sound barrier and a loud noise is felt over widespread areas.  Authorities are trying to determine the cause of the light and looking into the possibility of an impact.  Thus far, no crash site has been located.

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  1. saw this meteor around 7:47am over the toulumne river are in California, near Cherry lake road, it was an impressive and very bright light show, also heard the boom around 8am

    1. That’s very interesting. Were you afraid? Is there any news in your area about an impact crater? Please share with us.

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