Many Young People Don’t Know the Titanic Was Real — Twitter Shows Naive Comments of America’s Youth — Just a Movie?

As the 100th anniversary of the legendary tragedy that was the sinking of the Titanic, there have been countless news stories about this polarizing moment in history.  Certainly there are conspiracy theories abound relating to the Titanic, and we at Common Sense Conspiracy will be commemorating the event by examining some of these with our usual “Where’s the facts?” attitude.  However, today, we are reporting on something that may be more  disturbing than any conspiracy theory we could dissect.  In a time when many people question America’s youth as a generation of entitlement and poor work ethic, now, we find some truly shocking revelations about young people in America’s knowledge of history.

The sinking of the Titanic is about to be one hundred years in the past, but it certainly qualifies as normal information that would be provided in any worthwhile history curriculum.  Most likely, most students in America find out something about the Titanic disaster in elementary school, and no doubt it is reiterated in social studies classes in high school.  Yet, an alarming number of people took to social media networks after James Cameron’s announcement that the famous movie Titanic would be re-released in theaters in 3D to correspond with the 100th anniversary of the sinking.  What did they say?  Amazingly enough, many were surprised to find out that the Titanic was real.  Check out these Twitter moments we were able to dig up for you.  Click on the photos for a closer look:

It’s hard to believe that this many comments of this nature could be found so easily on Twitter.  And it’s only the tip of the iceberg (no pun intended).  Just as many of these incredible revelations can be found on other social networks like Facebook as well.  It seems that a shocking number of Americans thought that the movie Titanic was complete fiction.  Granted, it was a 100 years ago, but think about all the other things that were well in the past.  If young people think the Titanic wasn’t real, what do they think about World War I and World War II?  Never mind the Civil War.  Do you think school children 100 years from now will think that 9/11 was fiction?

Then again, those children might be smarter than we are on that one.


5 thoughts on “Many Young People Don’t Know the Titanic Was Real — Twitter Shows Naive Comments of America’s Youth — Just a Movie?”

  1. i mean wtf? 2 tell u how some ppl r so dense. i’m 17, living in d caribbean an hav known since i was practically born dat the sinking of the ‘RMS Titanic’ was a real event that took place. ppl r so concerned about their social lives an addicted 2 social media sites that they cant take 2 mins to google ‘titanic’ an c that it was real (since they dont know this common fact), they hav 2 find out that it was real becus d movie is being re-released 4 d 100 yr anniversary of d sinking.
    a word of advice 2 these uninformed individuals – GET OF UR COMPUTER AND READ A BOOK ONCE IN UR LIVES (u might learn other interesting facts of world history). an dont comment on things dat will make u look stupid (as we realise that u are)

  2. Really sad to know that there are people out there who really didn’t know that the Titanic story was real. Makes you realize that there are young people out there who really don’t sway towards even reading a book, let alone knowing any history.

  3. Just because the internet is there, does not mean you have to use it all the time. I even knew the Titanic was real before I even saw the movie…and plus, just watching the movie does not guarantee full knowledge.

    1. Absolutely. We were bothered by the fact that so much of America’s youth seems to suffer from history malnourishment. Thanks for stopping by and showing us that there are plenty that do know the truth.

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