Man Will Change His Name to Attend Apple Event — Craigslist Ad

Apple's annual event is a much-coveted ticket...

On June 11, Apple will host its annual Worldwide Developer Conference.  This is a huge event and catching a ticket is almost impossible.  As a matter of fact, if you are not issued a ticket personally, you cannot attend.  Tickets are not transferable, meaning that the ticket is for you and no one else.  Not a problem for one desperate Apple fan on Craigslist.  He has offered $1,600 for a ticket to the conference, and he is perfectly okay with legally changing his name so he can use the ticket.

To further spotlight the desperation of his offer, the potential ticket buyer offered several things he would do for the seller in his stead.  After all, they are going to have the same name when this is over with, so why not, right?  The buyer offered to do jury duty or perform community service, but only up to 40 hours (hey, everyone has their limits).

Now, you can’t tell who someone is by a Craigslist advertisement alone, but we think we may have figured out what this cat’s first name is.  As a last tantalizing extra on his ad, the buyer offers $500 over his original price if the person selling the ticket happens to be named Jebodiah.


No word on what he will do for a Klondike.