Mac Attack: Virus Infiltrates Apple’s Long Touted Security

Computer viruses called Trojan Horses are considered to be using the same tactic as the original Trojan Horse in the Battle of Troy.

We all know the commercials where the Mac guy is way cooler and more functional than the PC guy.  And while the advertising campaigns were aimed at throwing dirt on Windows computers in general, there is a lot of truth in the dramatizations of the relationship between Mac and PC’s.  Many Apple computer users have long pointed their fingers and laughed at Windows-operated computers that are always finding themselves in hot water due to the latest virus or malware.  Now, the shoe is on the other foot.  A trojan virus has infiltrated the Mac’s supposedly impenetrable security and is causing mass panic among Macintosh users.

Viruses referred to as trojan horses are comparing them to the famous Battle of Troy in which the Greeks were able to send a horse into Troy filled with soldiers to end a seemingly un-winnable conflict.  Trojan horse viruses use the same concept.  They masquerade as something useful and ordinary to gain access into systems and then wreak havoc on the system.  The new Flashback Trojan Virus effectively hijacks the Mac operating system and allows the computer to be accessed from the outside.  This opens up all sorts of unauthorized activities, including the harvesting of personal information.

While there is little doubt that the masterminds at Apple will waste no time in determining how to squash this infection, it is poignant to report on in this week leading up to the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic back in 1912.  Apple is learning the hard lesson that nothing is “unsinkable.”