Lord Tensai Wrestling Character Disrespectful to Japan — Vince McMahon No Stranger to Controversy

Vince McMahon -- the puppet master. He even once invited an incest storyline that was axed by the powers that be.

On this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. re-introduced a wrestler with a whole new persona.  Matt Bloom, formerly known as “A-Train” to the WWE community, had been off the landscape for quite a while, spending some time in Japan.  Now, he’s back on the scene as Lord Tensai.  If the WWE masterminds thought wrestling fans had forgotten Bloom, they were wrong.  Even as he was introduced to the raucous crowd as Lord Tensai, there were already numerous chants of “A-Train.”

This may not seem like normal fare for a site like Common Sense Conspiracy, but upon further investigation, we discovered that the name Tensai comes from the Japanese word for “disaster.”  So, the insinuation is that Matt Bloom’s new persona is the Lord of Disaster.  Fresh off of spending some serious time in Japan, still recovering from the devastating tsunami that set off one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters to date, it seems that the WWE is trying to cash in on a terrible human tragedy.  Is it just coincidence that this name was chosen for Bloom?  Well, a look back at the history of the WWE seems to suggest otherwise.

Vince McMahon is the puppet master of the WWE and has been for decades.  It is quite common for the plot lines that are interwoven with the wrestling competitions to include something that mirrors world events.  One of the most famous examples was when Vince played up the role of Sgt. Slaughter, a character that became an Iraqi sympathizer during the first Gulf War.  The WWE caught a lot of flack for playing on the war as a means of getting ratings and generating interest.  Sgt. Slaughter was even pitted against wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan at the Wrestlemania VII event that became almost like a microcosm of American sentiment.  People saw Hulk Hogan as Mr. America while  Sgt. Slaughter came to be seen as a representative of Iraq, whom the country was at war with at the time.  Naturally, Hulk Hogan won the match, signifying American dominance.

This is just one example of how wrestling has used real-world stories as a basis for its soap opera-like storylines.  Of course, wrestling as a sport has always received negative criticism from those that think it promotes violence

Does this guy look familiar?

and fighting as a way of solving problems.  There have even been incidents that have inspired Christians to become outraged.  Now, Lord Tensai arrives on the scene, almost as if he somehow survived and conquered the Japanese disaster.

So, as always, we leave it up to you.  Do you think that the title for Matt Bloom’s new persona in the WWE is disrespectful to those still suffering in Japan?
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