Lady Gaga Causes Outrage By Tweet — “Pop Singers Don’t Eat”

Lady Gaga didn't make any friends with PETA when she showed up in her infamous meat dress.

Always the controversial figure, pop star Lady Gaga usually ruffles people’s feathers with provocative lyrics, videos, and outfits, but this time, she drew the ire of fans and the general public with a Tweet.  The same one that once showed up at an event wearing a costume made of meat Tweeted that she was eating a salad and dreaming about a cheeseburger.  What really got people stirred up was the hashtag she used at the end of her message.  A hashtag is Twitter lingo for using a category name to force your Tweet to go to everyone viewing the hashtag.  This allows anyone to Tweet a message and reach thousands instead of just reaching their follower base.  Lady Gaga applied the hashtag #PopSingersDontEat.

Many Tweeters responded negatively, saying that Gaga was encouraging eating disorders.  One Tweet went as far as to say that Lady Gaga had just endorsed anorexia to over 22 million followers.  To make it even worse, she has admitted to battling bulimia in the past, and up until now had been a strong advocate against crazy diets and women starving themselves.

For what it’s worth, it doesn’t really look like Lady Gaga meant any harm by the Tweet, which was mainly her just expressing her desire to eat whatever she wanted but sticking to a diet instead.  If it wasn’t for the hashtag, it would probably be viewed as a positive message.  After all, how many of really do eat the salad while dreaming about a cheeseburger?