Kill ‘Em With Kindness — Christians Convert Atheist in Texas By Being Nice

The very scene that Patrick Greene was ready to go to court for is now what he believes in.

Patrick Greene was an avid atheist activist a couple of months ago.  He made national headlines when he got fed up with Christianity being shoved down his throat, so he decided to file a lawsuit against a nativity scene in Athens, Texas.  Shortly after filing the lawsuit, Greene discovered that he had a very serious condition with his eyes that could eventually leave him blind.  He had to retire, but to his surprise, the very Christians he was suing in the courts over the nativity scene rallied together to help purchase supplies for Greene and his wife during his time of illness.

The act of generosity overwhelmed Greene to the point that he has now announced that is a Christian.  More astounding, he actually has expressed a desire to become a member of the ministry himself.  What an amazing turnaround, and an interesting story that shows members of the Christian faith actually practicing what their leader, Jesus Christ, preached so eloquently.

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