Kentucky Fried Chicken Gives Girl Brain Damage From Eating a Twister Wrap

Salmonella on the side please!

Any restaurant that serves chicken of any sort to the public has to be well-educated on the dangers of salmonella.  But an extreme case of salmonella poisoning has left popular chicken outlet Kentucky Fried Chicken reeling after a $8.3 million verdict was handed down.  The recipient is Monika Samaan’s family.  Monika was just a girl when she enjoyed a Twister wrap from KFC.  Soon, she had salmonella poisoning, but it took a tragic turn, leading to a six-month coma.  Doctors were fairly certain she would never wake up, but she did.  Only to find out that she had suffered terrible amounts of brain damage and would never be able to speak or walk again.

KFC lost the case after vigorously defending themselves.  Their biggest point was that there was no proof that the salmonella poisoning came from their establishment, or that it contributed to her brain damage.

It should be noted that the same Australian KFC location was recently accused of using chicken that had fallen on the floor.