Justice for the Kidney iPad Kid

No sense sitting around iPad-less when you have an extra kidney lying around.

You probably heard the crazy story about a boy in China who sold his kidney in order to buy himself an Apple iPad and iPhone.  From one of China’s poorest areas, the boy’s mother knew something was up when the kid showed up with two of the most sought-after devices in the country.  He finally admitted to his mother that he sold his kidney to get the dough.  The boy found an advertisement online offering to pay the equivalent of $3,100 in American dollars for his kidney.

It is illegal in China to sell body organs, but there is apparently a pretty lively black market for it.  Now, the boy has renal deficiency, which is basically when the kidney is not able to properly filter poisons from the bloodstream.  Because he already sold the other one, the boy finds himself with no back-up kidney, but he does have an iPad, so that’s good.  Although a new iPad has come out since then, so hopefully he can come up with another body part to hock when it’s time to upgrade.  Or maybe he’s holding out for an iPhone 5.

In any case, now that the boy is fighting a serious malady from the incident, the authorities have finally stepped in and decided to take action.  Charges have been filed against five people, one being the surgeon that operated on the kid.  The charge is listed as “intentional injury.”  It is not clear whether the five people charged have actually been located, but hopefully at the very least they will discontinue this terrible practice in and around China.