Jury Pool for Roger Clemens Second Trial Call Out the Government — Congress Wasting Taxpayers’ Money While Other Issues Go Unresolved?

Did Roger Clemens lie? Maybe. But is it worth your money? Probably not.

We at Common Sense Conspiracy love it when our fellow Americans use common sense themselves.  In the opening days of seven-time Cy Young Award winning pitcher Roger Clemens second trial (the first resulted in a hung jury), potential jurors responded to questions from lawyers by questioning why they were there in the first place.  And we salute them for standing up to the bullshit.

One potential juror that had made opening cuts said he felt that “it was a little bit ridiculous” that Congress was holding hearings about something like this considering all the more important issues out there they should probably be dealing with.  Lawyers pressed him, a native of Chile, on whether he felt that Congress was wasting money tackling these hearings on steroid use in professional sports, he simply responded “Yes.”

He wasn’t the only one that felt that way.  Another potential juror, a female, was asked how she felt about the 2008 Congressional hearings.

“At the time, I remember thinking it didn’t seem to be a great use of taxpayer money.”

A woman after our own heart.  It still didn’t stop there.  Another juror offered her opinion on the matter unprompted.

“I don’t know if that’s the best use of government tax dollars at this time.”

STILL, that wasn’t it.  Another juror said she felt Congress spent “too much time” investigating something that had nothing to do with them.

The question of whether Roger Clemens used banned substances during what would have certainly been a Hall of Fame career are interesting and disturbing.  It definitely puts a blemish on Clemens’ career and there will always be an asterisk now by all of his prestigious accomplishments.  However, does Congress have any reason to be involved in something like this?  Absolutely not.  Not while gas prices spiral out of control, North Korea is launching nuclear tests, and Iran continues to flex its muscle and middle finger at the rest of the world.

It is understandable that perjury has to be treated seriously, but the problem is that it never should have come up to begin with.  Now, taxpayer money is being used for the second trial in the case of Roger Clemens, and that means another four to six-week trial costing who knows how much money…and for what positive conclusion?  Will we see Roger Clemens go to jail?  Then taxpayers can support a very wealthy man some more.  Is this justice?  Or stupidity?

It seems like the potential jurors have their finger on the pulse of America.  Americans are tired of seeing their government waste their money on frivolous pursuits.  Already, Congress is threatening to get involved in the controversy surrounding college football’s system for picking a champion, the Bowl Championship Series.  Regardless of your opinion about the system, is there any reason for your taxpayer dollars to be wasted for a Congressional hearing?

Hmm…sounds like it’s time for a vote…
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