Jim Crow Museum in Michigan Features Over 2000 Artifacts of Racial Segregation Era

We have museums for almost everything you can think of…but racism?  That’s right, the Jim Crow Museum is set to open this week in Michigan spotlighting some of the most interesting and offensive cultural artifacts from an era of racism.  However, the museum doesn’t turn a blind eye to current racism in our country either.  Artifacts run the gamut, but they do include artifacts from as recent as 2008, including Obama monkey dolls commemorating his history-making presidential victory.  You be the judge.  Does America need a museum for racism?


2 thoughts on “Jim Crow Museum in Michigan Features Over 2000 Artifacts of Racial Segregation Era”

  1. ONLY if they are HONEST & show racism of blacks against Caucasians, Asians, Hispanics, Natives & other blacks too (they really pick apart their own & prize those with light skin & “good hair”) would make this “Museum Against Racism” a real & true call to show how hatred begets hatred. The current & widespread liberal view of “racism” only demonizes whites. This does nothing good & has actually made the word RACISM/RACIST a sort of joke. I’m all for the equal playing field, not one that’s slanted in their favor & only shows the ugliness of one race of people. I was among the biggest lib d-bags until I had to live in the “ghetto” & also was victimized by the laughably “fair” Affirmative Action when I went on the look for good jobs. This “Museum of Racism” is absurd & should be boycotted until they address racism of all the races, not just blacks who in reality have been proven to be the most racist group of all.

    1. You have some good points KC, although you seem to have a bias about it as well. Racism does exist in all races, and it is true that when it is discussed, the natural inclination is to think of white people being racist toward black people. Of course, there is a lot of historical reason for this. But you are right. It does exist in reverse and it is worthy of noting the fact.

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