“Jesus is Not a Homophobe” — Gay Student Sues School for T-Shirt Diss

Inappropriate? You be the judge.

Maverick Couch was just minding his own business at his high school in southwest Ohio, wearing his “Jesus is Not a Homophobe” t-shirt which encourages tolerance of homosexuals.  Next thing he knew, he was told he couldn’t wear the shirt because school officials told him it was “sexual in nature.”  He will be suspended from school as a disciplinary action if he dares to wear the shirt again.  Couch wasn’t having any of it.  He got his mother to file a lawsuit on his behalf against the Wayne Local School District and the Waynesville High School principal for violating his freedom of expression rights under the Constitution of the United States.

The lawsuit isn’t looking for a fat monetary reward or anything like that.  It simply requests that Maverick be able to wear his shirt if he wants to.  Interesting to see how the court system leans on this one.

One thought on ““Jesus is Not a Homophobe” — Gay Student Sues School for T-Shirt Diss”

  1. I am mary Jesuse’s Lady, but not from paster, e.t.c.
    For those believe there baground need of forgivinous from Jesus, God he or Jesus or God irradicate there homophobia or fright and make us never do agen; he made us. Jesus never let down us. God love us up to give the only his son. This is example of us. Renesanse of Jesus Christ not only man and God, but also Devil interact for heven. Jesus(GOD) made peace for us. The word God With us. Jesus is true, life and way to heaven. He is spy of us. Peoples understand Jesus. God is God of kind, but not bud of God.

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